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I'll get right down to it. I'm a tall ,handsome, exotic, erotic, sensual black stud, well endowed(7 3/4") with tremendous stamina, who is aching to play with you. I'd love to perform any act with you, there are no inhibitions or taboos. And believe me baby I've got many unusual treats in store for you. Can't wait to put my juicy thick cock into your dripping wet pussy and incredible ass.
Hey baby. I represent the better half of a couple who love to play. I am 5' 6" of hard female body. He is 6' 2" of very hard and endowed man. He is 12" long and 8" round. I love to do the warm up, eat your pussy til you are so wet and creamy, then he bangs you, hard, til you scream. Afterward, I do the clean up. I will lick your pussy, all around the hole and tonque the inside, til I get all of his cum. Interested?
I am a closet FREAK an I have alway's dream't of having a lady like you in my life to fullfil my hearts desire. I am very passionately sensual and love to decorate a woman body with whipped cream, ice cream, honey,chocolate and fruits and make deep passionate love to her body,mind and soul. I dream of eating your ass and pussy until you beg me stop. If you only know how much I would love to TONGUE FUCK your BIG BEAUTIFUL PUSSY and ASS. Can I climb to your highest point MOUNTAIN and enjoy your view.
you have the best butt i've ever seen!!!! could you email me a pic of your pussy too. i live far from you but appreciate large firm round cheeks, the bigger the cushin the better the pushin. hehe xoxox
Hello there and how are you? What a delicious lady you are and you do have a magnificent butt which I would love to cover with kisses, run my tongue up and down your lovely crease and tickle your rosebud with my tantilizing tongue....these are just a few things that I'd like to do!
Like yourself I am addicted to sex and feel that I need to explore some new and provacative things. I am seeking women who want to explore toilet games among other things. I've been looking for a female who shares my extreme kinkyness! I am into fetishes concerning the ass! I love butts! I have a lot of fetishes and love to lick and tongue nice ass! I dont even mind the dirt. I am into role play (dad/dau), watersports, foot/body worship, group sex, exhibitionism/voyeurism, family fun, pix trade. I love being naughty. I hope you are a kinky bi or les who really understands the nuance of this fetish. The gentle feeling of warmth as the pee runs into your hands..the lovely scent that stays with you all through sex, once you've tasted it....the excitement that embody's the taboo nature of this fetish.... these things touch the deeper core and root of sexuality at the moment of orgasm......? You know, it is not the poop or pee per se that turns me on. It is sharing so private and personal a thing that makes me feel so naughty. It is seeing the private and usually unseen things that cause arousal. I am funny, outgoing, open minded, well educated and love to try new things.
love to bang you all night long, put my big cock in you very deep and shoot my hot load
I am a very oral person! I love to tease and pleasure you until you cannot take it anymore. You will insist that I enter you! Still I will not. I will kiss you softly from your mouth to your earlobes. Taking a long time on your neck and ears. I find this drives you wild. I will continue to kiss your breasts and belly. Of course I will spend along time on them. I love your breasts and belly. I work my way down your inner thigh and clitoris. I will also spend along time on your ass. It's a beautiful ass. Especially the place right before it becomes a leg. That's my favorite place. I will lick/ kiss/ suck this spot for many minutes. You will beg me to enter you. I won't, not yet anyway. I like to tease you with my tongue starting with a ! passionate kiss and the! ! n working my way down your body. From your neck and earlobes I progress to your breasts. I spend a lot of time here. Licking and sucking them from top to bottom. I then work down to your belly and groin. Small, sensuous circles, down your inner and outer thigh. I spend quite along time on your clitoris and anus. I love to see you squirm! Sometimes I get off just watching you get off. There is no better HIGH for me! I will make you cum without getting myself undressed. I have big hands and love to touch and grope you. I will touch every inch of your body. Finally, I will enter you. I will be gentle or rough depending on my mood and yours. I will listen to your body and give it what it needs. I like to take my time so don't plan on it being quick. I like to start out slow and deep! Gaining speed and force with each squirm and sound you make. I have a long and thick penis and it's at your disposal. I will give it too you hard and fast and then slow it down. I like a lot of positions and will be moving in and out at different angles. I will touch all of your insides and grind up against your clitoris for a while. As I read your body, I will make adjustments to my force and depth. I will make you cum multiple times and in different positions. You will be loud and out of control because I will have the control. I will decide when and how you cum! I might not even let you cum for a long while. Teasing your insides until you explode with pleasure. And even though you may cum many times, we will finish together. I will hold you, caress you and tell you how I feel. I enjoy the sounds and smell of sex! You will too! Sound like something you would like? Let's get together and find out! I promise I will make it worth your while. This may go on for hours or even all day. I get very horny when you make noise and tremble. My penis is aching for your body!
My fucking cock is so hard right now that it could bust concrete! Why isn't my tounge digging into your ass!? My goodness I want to eat your pussy now. Well, I guess I'm next. I want to show you my dick but I don't have a photo of myself. I live in Houston Texas, South West side, are you close? If so I will pull it out for you! I'm six foot tall, muscular, 220 lbs. I love to eat pussy and watch! Tell me where to be and I will.
Hey there, long time no hear from...!
I got a story for you...
OK, so there's this place in Raleigh where you can go to get waxing, pedicures, nails and all kinds of pampered stuff done. While there one day with a friend getting her eyebrows done I see a small sign advertising pricing for "Down Under Intimate Grooming" intrigued I asked what it was about. Come to find out this woman shaves your puss in shapes, waxes bikinis, DE-furs your butt and just about anything you can think of to make you look presentable. I call to make an appointment and a guy answers and we set a time. I show up all bathed and clean not wanting to embarrass myself, wait about 10 minutes and a sweet looking 20 something comes out with a big smile on her face, pays and leaves. I'm next... I go in this converted bedroom and get greeted immediately by this gorgeous 30 something brunette, shoulder length hair, hazel/green eyes, nice tan, kinda tall, curvy, wearing an above the knee dress loose fitting, low cut showing cleavage, no bra! I got kinda excited right away as she shook my hand and I could smell her perfume, I think it was HAPPY. Holy shit, this woman got me wet as we touched. Then she starts asking me what I want done as she pulls a stool over and asks me to sit down on the table. We chat a minute and then she leaves briefly while I put on this paper robe thing like an examination gown, asking me to remove everything but my bra if I wanted to leave it on, I didn't. She comes back in with a sealed bag of clippers, scissors and other items to "shape it up." She asks me to sit down on the inclined table with my feet in stirrups like a papsmear exam or something and she starts feeling the way of my hair growth, I sit back and try to control myself, but it feels like she is trying to get me off, pulling apart my lips and running her finger just inside right next to my CLIT. She stops for a minute, grabs the clippers and starts trimming, as she works around, up and under and touching my mound with this vibrating clipping machine, I look down from the ceiling to see what she is doing ... she has one finger spreading my lips apart while running this thing up the inside of my thigh from my asshole up, then I see her tits... oooohhhh god! They are perfect! Not too big, she is kinda leaned over so the swell is down at the nipple and I can see it Sooooo clearly, she looks up at me and asks if I am OK--God YES! I sit back and let my mind wander envisioning her tits and what her puss may look like, she probably isn't wearing panties ... the whole time she is buzzing the clippers on me, it felt so good and I felt it building inside me, I think I even moaned a bit, I know I was wet because she kept trying to hold my lips up to shave next to them and her fingers kept slipping right next to my CLIT!!! JUST ONE MORE TIMMMMEEEE PLEASE.... OOOOOHHHHHH YES!!! I came so hard I squirted a bit out! She stopped and asked If I was OK again, I apologized and she said no problem it happened before. She handed me a warm wet towel and excused herself for a minute saying she would be right back. I felt so stupid, but she went on like it didn't happen. I keep fantasizing about it over and over, best orgasm in a long time. So should I make you an appointment? Belinda
you're a sexy lady, hot, and horney what else does a man need. i'm a black male wih a strong sexual appettite and a strong nice hard dick to match. i find it hard locating a woman that love getting fucked as much as I love fucking. day, night, all day, every day. my last girlfriends were unable with so much sex.what about you. will you allow me to fuck that ass in every imaginable position, front, back, side-to-side.will you take this hard black dick in you mouth, anytime. what do you want? can this black brother serve you and that puss.
I'm hal aka freaky10468 and saw your ad in aff personals and you look like a woman who loves to get freaky , i"d love to suck and lick your sweet pussy til you melt in my mouth over and over again!!!! i'm not all just about sex i love other things as well but being a freak i thought i'd let you know up front that i love to get freaky in bed which is 90% of a relationship i think! For now I'm looking for a sexual relationship lets see what happens in that area! i'm chcoclate complextion, 39, 250lbs, 7 inch dick, very experienced lover anal, oral, straight sex, open minded to other things also, think you can handle having your pussy licked for an hour straight?
I am uninhibited sexually and enjoy having fun. I have a very high sexual drive that I need to have fulfilled. My stamina is UNMATCHED up until this point. Are you the one who can outlast me???? Women who can make me cum over and over again for hours that are discrete who wants to get satisfy orally and in return receive extremely hot sex!!!! I love giving and receiving oral sex. I love to suck pussy all night long...I also love to have my cock licked and sucked... I like to make a woman cum. Favorite positions are 69, doggy style, on top and of course missionary with your legs over my shoulders to get the MAXIMUM AND DEEPEST PENETRATION. I have a very creative imagination, and love to try new and exciting things. I love to have sex,. safe sex, but sex. If you like to roll and anything goes, please let me know bacause I'm always down to fuck a women. . I also enjoy fucking women's asses. I especially like to suck, lick and fuck tits and fill your tight asshole with my hard cock. Are you a women thats looking for no-strings sex? Then you've come to the right place.
How can a brother get to see a nice ass like that in person. What can I do to suck your tit and clit. I know with a nice ass like that there has to be a phat clit to lick and suck
Would love to lick your ass looking to have a 1on1 and then a threesome!!!!!!!!!!! love that ass
hi, i would LOVE to meet you. if you like long lasting sex, i can provide it. i have a penile implant and my penis is always HARD. i can go for as long as you want....i'll be waiting for your answer.
hey baby i'm a 26-year old male. 6', 215, brown hair, blue eyes...thick cock. i'm looking for some fun, with no-strings attached. just moved to nyc from the west coast and don't know a sould. let's meet for some crazy sex.
By the way, I love to eat black pussy, and even better, I'd love to lick and tongue-fuck your hot ass! It looks sooooo good. If you want a hot white boy who loves to lick and eat your ass and pussy for hours, then look no more, because I'm the best!
I am sexfiend. I live in new york also. I have graduated high school and have taken some college. If you want to we can get 2 more females and we could have a gangbang. personally I would really like to stick my cock up your ass, and fuck you from the back,until I hear that your ready to cum. then I would very fast have you spread your legs apart and I will suck and swallow every ounce of cum that comes out your sweet pussy. I have a big cock if you want to eat it. also if we get another woman involved. I would like to shoot a threesome porn movie. please hurry so I can cum all over you.
hi, im a bi male - white - good looking - very clean - blue eyes - i keep my head shaved - cock is 7 inches some-what thick str8 as an arrow - cut - real nice head - love to please woman of all sizes and color - love to suck - lick and fuck - love to tongue fuck assholes - love water sports - can be very very kinky if with the right person - love your ass - my tongue will do wonders on your asshole or any where else you want it to go
i will agree that you have one of the best butts i have seen:)! i have a lot with my work and i would say i would be on my knees in a heartbeat to make LOVE TO IT WITH MY MOUTH, LIPS, and tongue. kising , licking and sucking the cheeks, massaging them with my hands, running the tip of my tongue over the crack before pushing it deply in and fucking your as hole with it! i would love to fuck you doggie style to feel it pushed back agaisnt me as i pumped into you, and feel it rub over my belly:)! i am open minded willing to please and learn. can be submissive if the mood is right. i am 42, 6ft1in 200lbs with brown hair eyes, good shape, not a muscle man, but everything is firm, and my cock is about 7.5in, and i have been told thick.
I want to bend you over and lick all up and down your fine ass i want to eat that ass morning, noon and night. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. I want to fuck you so long and hard (It will be like working FULL TIME ) I would love to POUND THAT ASS SO HARD, I will fuck you till you bleed.
I want your big beautiful ass. I want to spank it, lick it, suck it and fuck it.
that is THE best butt i've ever seen. i'd love to rub it, lick it, play with it, and crawl inside of it if i could. believe me you wouldn't be sorry.
You do have the best butt I have ever seen, and I want to lick it and slide into it. God, you look so hot, baby. I am a hung white guy who needs to be taught right from a hot black woman. Please help me.
Your butt should be covered with kisses before being parted for further explorations.
You ain't kidding that is one fine piece. Would love to rub my rock hard cock up between those cheeks and then fuck that sweet hot pussy. Thanks for the pic. Let me know if you got any more.
There isn't a place I wouldn't lick you. Someone as beautiful as you has to get hit with the hurricane tongue followed by the 10in man. Holla at your boy so I can show you what I am working with.
im a tell you the truth,once i saw your pic like i sadi in my profile,i just wanna eat you out,i would love to experience a beautiful black woman,not girl, woman,i can eat out for a very very long time.i am freaky but just oral to get you fired up,hope i can get a chance,does me not being black a problem,i look rican and a 8 inch....... hope to hear form you, peacenlove
I loved your picture. I'm looking for a woman like yourself, someone with a fat juicy ass to be my slut. I'd love someone who can eat my pussy while my man fucks her in her tiny little asshole, interested?
i would love to lick all in your ass then lick in side that pussy then put this big 8 1/2 inches of dick in you i will pay you what ever you want i got money im from brooklyn
Are you ready for my tongue? Just one look at your ass and I am yours. Rest assured, I will not neglect your sweet pink and black pussy.
my name is b....., i'm a 33yr old black male living in LI, I am looking for some fun, someone like u, someone with whom i can have a discreet fuck! I'm sexaully fustrated and got a lot to let out, I got a big dick and luv to fuck and eat pussy.
i have to say by the way things look you have a nice ass. And i have an ass fetish, i mean i really do worship a nice soft ass. Do you want yours worshiped. I licking as well as spanking. Im in ny all the time, why dont you let me take a peek.
wow, you are right, you have an amazing ass. do you do anal? i would probably cum at the thought of sinking into that...if you are interested as i am, contact me as soon as possible.
I want to stick my tongue and cock up that gorgeous ass of yours. But before doing that, I would bury my tongue in your hot, wet pink pussy. I love women of color. Do I have your attention?
...mmm...indeed a butt made for wild and crazy enjoying and ass kissing...mmm...i'll bet you luv butt are indeed a perfect ass...mmm...i'd luv to part your sweet cheeks and lick your brown sugar hole.
I am very oral and would love to eat you for hours. I will discipline you when you deserve it and reward you when you earn it. I also expect lots of oral sex. I want to help you fulfill your fantasies. Lets get together.
I'm a fun, wild, uninhibited guy from Brooklyn who just jerked off to your beautiful ass. I hope to hear from you soon.
first i have to say that you do have a nice butt. i woder if it's as soft as it looks. i guess i'll just have to find out if you'l let me. i am a closet freak, meaning, in public i am a regular nice guy. get me behind closed doors and i will lick and stroke any and every part of your body until you beg me to stop.
I was just lookin at your pic and it made me very hard I just wish I could eat your sweet pussy right now and for my age my dick is very big and I'm sure you'll like it if you let me fuck you in that nice fat ass of yours. I mean you're making me get harder by the minute, so if you will please holla back and let me know what you think bye baby...
hellooo. you are right when you said you have one of the best butts around, what a shape,wow. the strenth in your back and the shape of your butt excites me. i have only been atracted to one black woman in my life and that was 25 years ago. i am not sure i can keep up with such a spireted woman but would love to try. i am looking to explore new pleasures and am open to almost any thing. i have a thick 7+ inch dick and would love to lick you till your eyes roll back in your head and your ears wiggle. train me if you like! letts play. am available days or evenings please email me.
Damn! what an Ass! you got it babe. one of the best Butt i ever seen. Listen If you'd like to get really wet and wild maybe you Handle that huge giant 9" cock of mine; email me for one of the best time in your life.
Hi, I'm a gwf 40 look 30 you do have a nice ass, i would love to stick my tongue in your ass and eat your pussy.
hey girl i cant talk . i just wanna LICK SUCK PLUCK FUCK &U know WHAT ELSE i'm getting a stand , hurry up and get back to this rasta peace
I like your fat ass, looking for someone to help me fuck my freak, she will be willing to eat pussy and let you fuck her or vice-versa. I will fuck both of you with my long black dick.
With a butt like that you must have, should have, need to have tried anal. Did you like it? It is one of the better ways to fly. What we need to do is figure out how to get my cock in your ass. I do have a home up in NJ also and will be there in August.
I would love to get wet, wild and messy with you. You look soooo delicious. I am told that I am attractive, get hard and stay hard and have a great tongue and fingers. Why not take a chance. I would love to hear from you. Nothing like a young sexy sensual woman to help a middle aged man train to be a dirty old man, smile.
Hi, my name is Ed. I'm 22, live in Brooklyn and I am an ass lover. I have a girlfriend, but want to have fun with other ladies. Let me say one more time that you have a lovely butt. I'm an ass worshiper and will worship your beautiful behind. I love oral, both giving and receiving. Write me and maybe we can get together.
Hey, whats going on sexy i love that ass. Is it really all yours? I am a tall black man broad shoulders tight buns 10+ dick and i love to use my long tongue to lick suck your pussy until you cum all over my face
Hey sweets im rob ,,, I'm 27 spanish and german, you do have such a sexxxxy ass. Love to worshop that sexxy ass for you for as long as you like with my warm toungue. Please get back to me, love to hear from you,,,,bye bye for now sexxxy doll.
My partner is extremely well hung, 10+ inches and very thick. Being an athlete he has the energy to use it well so I hope you like hardcore ruff sex cause that's what you'll get.
I would love to exchange body fluids, a load of cum would look great dripping out of your well fucked ass. By the way it is perfect!
Yes, you are very blessed in the ass department. RU sure you are not from the South, we grow the best asses in the country. I just want to know if I can taste that honey tunnel of yours til it rushes out with cum, then massage your breast as I slowly enter into that sweet tunnel
You would not believe. When I saw your pic. I had to stand up and applaud. I'm a brotha that just was searching for a fine specimen like you. Your butt is big, juicy, and extremely stimulating. Even though we may not be into the same activities sexually, I just had to drop you a line sista and let you know, "YOU GOT IT GOING ON"
That is with out question the sweetest ass ive seen i cant even start to explain what i would like to do to it and you. I like to eat pussy and give girls anal sex. You are infact equipped extemely sexy and beautiful! You look very tasty and I'll love to taste you.Try me, make my cock really hard and I'll take you to the 7th heaven! Thats a promise
I wanna fuck da shit out of you! Nonstop like a fucking express train transferring into your mouth. You could talk to those other guys if you want mediocre fucking, but if you want a big, thick snake inserted into your sweetspot, enough to make your heart skip a beat, then holla at snakeman. PEACE beautiful!!!!
I`m an ass man. I am a good looking man with a muscular body. I want a descreet sexual realationship. I'd like to fuck your ass. It turns me on
I would like to suck your pussy. Also, lick your ass before inserting my cock into it. Are there any videos of you having anal sex?
I would love to lick and suck your sweet asshole all night long until you beg me to stop. But only if you promise to give me plenty of your sweet water or juice to drink!
Hey whats up, I'm mark and I saw your ad last week , I am single and have no children I have my own place and I have a nice whip or car, I am very well hung or endowed and I would love to make you scream, If you can e-mail me at....Peace
we are a bl cpl from st louis,mo who are 32 and 35. my husband is 6'3'' tall well endowed and very nasty. i'm 5'11'' tall 39-31-45 and i love to swallow cum. we have been selectively swinging for over 10yrs now, if you plan to be in the st. louis area drop us a line.
I am from Brooklyn as well, good looking, single and I don`t smoke anything, enjoy working out (running), I also like cooking for two, and yes I love eating pussy, love it all in my mouth and the cream all over my face. I love to get on my knees to taste you, while you can be grinding your pussy into my mouth as hard as you want, and as long as you want, so you can cum in my mouth. Call me anytime! I would love to kiss your ass......
Hello Ms. Look Great!
Im from the park slope section of brooklyn, 29 very open minded, african american good looking, single and i do live alone, and all i want to say is after looking at your ass, all i want to do is lick suck and kiss it, and for sure, lay on my back so you can cum all in my mouth over and over again for as long as you want!
this hot white 38/yo male here in jersey would do anything to take you out to dinner sometime and lick you all over for desert can we make this happen let me know soon ?