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Erotic Teasers® Volume 106
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My name is Nina I'm a bisexual 24th blonde with a well shaped ass. Too bad that I already have a galfriend, but you wanna hear what I would do with you?Then I'll tell you. I would match my ass with yours, like some booty-to-booty battle, feel your ebony booty against my ivory booty, rubbing, pressing and slamming our buttocks in some positions. It was my ebony galfriend who brought me into this beautiful thing, it's soo erotic and soo feminine. Well thats something I wanna do together with you! and you really got me turned on. Anyway you should try this butt-to-butt massaging thing together with a equal sized bootygal, it could be either competitive or friendly. Don't ya think soo?!
I love your picture video, I myself like a 1 on 1 but I am looking forward to your next video. Hi there sexy, as for myself, I would love to have you sit on my face while I lick your sugar box, then lick you all over your sweet brown sugar beautiful ass . I would love just to lick you all over, So if you think I can make you cum with pleasure you can e-mail meYou do have a beautiful ass. I would love just to lick you all over, then I am going to stick my long thick 10in cock in to your sweet pussy, and than take my tongue and lick your lovely tits. After time goes by, I wood go for your lovely asshole, make it wet ,, stick my long thick 10in cock in it and take you to a place you have been, or where you have never been. Look forward to hearing from you, until that time take care sweet lady.
I will fuck you 24
Hey girl. What you need is a Texas size man with a Texas size dick, and I'm the one. They call me BIG DADDY CAIN , and I live up to the name in every way. This Houston stud have a Houston size appatite for fucking. So give your boy a holla down here in H-Town.
Just fuck u until you drop.
I am bi curious and quite aroused by your photo, hopefully your titties are as plump as your ass. I love sucking on titties with big ass hard nipples, and I also love having mine sucked as well as my pussy eaten.
I have a good appetite for long lasting sex. I have a huge cock and looking for a nice pussy.
I would love to eat your gorgeous asshole and juicy BLACK PUSSY ALL NIGHT.
i'm have a wife but she's not into the things i'm into.nothing crazy or violent, i just like uninhibited sex, fun good and a little freaky. hit me soon. I am a decent young guy with wide variety of interest. I like sex and can't have enough of it. I like safe sex with clean ladies and will do anything to fullfil my partner desire and fantansy. I have high sex drive and always ready for action and I must say I like giving orals and receiving one. I will bath you with cream,chocolate or anything eatable and dry you up with my tongue and ready to eat your pussy till it goes dry.Send me a line and let me tell you all the nasty things I will do and tell me all the things you want done and it will sure be done. Rest assure you will not regret it. I am kind of guy who alway go for what he want and try to live life to it fullest. I am honest, gentle, passionate, sensitve,caring and with good sense of humor. I like safe sex and I am very discreet person that can be relied on.
i would love to lick and suck on your butt and pussy until you cum in my mouth.
I am not bi but extremely curious and lookig to get turned out. So if down for a 3some then holla at me so we can get our freak on. I am into anal and I love getting my pussy eaten. We are very oral and expect the same, he wants a nice ladie to eat me out while he pounds that ass and would love to return the favor on u. I am also into toys would love to be double penetrated with a ladie wearing a strap on.
I have a strong fetish for eating pussy. There is nothing like the essence of a woman with my head between her legs. I belive that if god didn't intend for man to eat pussy he wouldn't have made it shaped like a taco. There is more to me than eating pussy. I like romance, dinners & movies and other things.
I am looking for a good looking open minded woman to treat like a queen out of the bedroom and a dirty slut inside the bedroom. I am extremely oral, love anal and pretty much open to anything else.
Hello, i am a college student, bisexual, straight freak, who would love to have an experience with you before I go back to school. I leave on August 24 so please respond quickly.
Hi there,I look at you and think you and me and a couple of cherries licked from your pussy can give us lot's of pleasure, let me know if you're interested.
I travel to NYC 30 to 40 times a year on business and would like to meet a woman that has a high sex drive like me and that can fuck for several hours. I like to fuck DOGGY and when it comes to oral sex can suck pussy for at least 15 to 20 min. How do you like to fuck? And I'm the best ass-fucker you'll ever meet. Let's get together and ride.
too bad you're in NY and I'm in chicago I would have fuck the shit out of you.
I am openminded and have been totally neglected. My pussy is wet and hot all the time. It longs for a sensual tongue. Can you help me. Your butt looks good when can I taste it ? You WON'T be disappointed.
whats up ma u have a nice ass i would to let u sit and ride my face till u cum on my lips im a 26 5 10 hispanuic male who like to get his freak on if u interested holla back at me.
Hey I want to fuck that ass. My wife may be seeking to pleasure your warm spot!.
I would love to slide my cock deep into your ass, contact me, will be in n.y. soon. Would love to fuck.
You have a delicious looking butt. I would love to feel it stting right on my face. WOW!
I'm 63. A PhD shrink and a professor in a graduate school at SUNY Stony Brook. I'm 6' and weigh 175 lbs. Am very relaxed and layed back. Very generous. But I can be very firm in our sexual relationship and give wonderful spankings often followed by eating you into a frenzy and then long penetration. I love sex with "a stranger" on our first date but it certainly isn't a "requirement. You'll lve it !
well you do have a nice ass i would love to stick my big fat nineand ahalf in there see how much you can take and if like two have cuz thats willing to suck while i fuck all nightlong.
me and my man are going to be in NY this weekend. I am looking for a female to join us in a 3sum. we have never done this before and this has been our fantasy for quite some time now and we hope u can make this a reality. please call us since we are going to be traveling by car.
25 male from cali/long beach. but im not like all these other fools talking about just f**king you but i'll like to wine and dine you then let it lead to a hot passionate walk on the beach under a full moon then take u to the room where u have a hot bath with rose peadals and a couple of bottles of don champange with some soft music playing while we are dancin to our heart beats then get into heated romantic body conflic. 25/male/cali ready to pound up in u.
You do have a beautiful ass and I wish that my face was in it. Will you mail me and maybe we may meet one day where you can for real sit on my face and smother me,let me lick and suck your pussy and asshole mmmmmgooood, love it.
I am not going to fool myself into beliving that you would let me kiss that big butt and suck your pussy until your cuming all over my face and the sheets and say to me, "I can't stop cuming". It's time for me to end this dream. Keep on cuming!
I'm looking for a woman who wants to cum harder and more often than she ever imagined she could. I'm very oral and would love to lick, suck and fuck you until you squeal and squirm with pleasure. I can go all night, so you'll have to really want it bad to keep up with me. I really like getting my partner off as many times as she wants. I'll do you in ways that you've only dreamed of. I want to make your body quiver with ecstasy. I'll leave you dripping, drained and totally satisfied. Let's get together and let me do you good...
Interested in meeting a real guy, who is 5 11 , 190lbs, brown hair, and a beard that tickles in all the right places. i promise i will lick, eat, kiss, and caress you til you cum to you hearts delight.
I'm 6'3 225 pounds SBM from brooklyn i'm 28 years old and love to fuck i'm got a strong back and a Big Cock so hit me up if u want some.
I am a white male living in brooklyn and I am independently wealthy. I have the cash and the meat I can take care of you. All I ask of you is that you rape, sodomize, and with your friends gangbang me alot and often and that you have your own place. If you can do this then we can go shopping to the nice stores, go out to the fanciest restaurants, ride in limousines and buy jewerly. If that is possible with you then please call me as soon as you can at 9173-53-7- thank you. I have about 7 1/2 inches and I have a deep and delicious hole that you can play with at your leisure.
What's up? I'm packing 9.5 inches of thick dick. I'd like to take you from the back...grab on to those hips, and push in through those lips.
I definitely can fill that slot! I've been told that I have been blessed and that I know how to use it as well. Since I have never compared myself to another, I take it in stride and keep working on my stamina and rhythem. So, I ask you...can you ride this?!
hi would u be interested in a woman licking u all over and getting u off? i'm a horny bbw that loves the taste of a woman. if u wanna let me taste u then get back to me. also i'm not looking for anything in return i just want to play with u.
I can picture myself cumming from behind you and fucking you as I smack that nice firm ass of yours.
I have a voracious sexual appetite and I'd love to show you what I can do with my golden tongue and 9 inch cock! If you're interested drop me a line.
hi i am 27 i work for a union construction and make alot of money im italian but have a big cock. id love to get togehter and spoil you so i can fuck and taste those buns. i must say the nicest ive ever seen you got me hard now. please contact me and lets get freaky with that great ass of yours.
I have the cash and the meat to drive you wild . I will give you what you want and spoil you rotten. You have to dress up for me in a hot and sext tight fitting dress and heels and walk in and kiss me hard . what a deal . Let's get together and do all the things that make people sweat.
white male 33 years old brown hair blue eyes 6'3 in height 220 pounds i am packing i have a very big cock that i would love to slide in your pussy so you would feel so good i would love to turn you over and mouth fuck your pussy i am in very good shape and my dick will satisify you.
We are looking for a couple or bi female in there 20's to 40's. To fool around.., share same room sex, where we watch and are watched, swing / swap, sex female on female interaction & more. Our Fetishes; Legs.., Toes.., Ass.., Panties.., Piercing.., Sex Toys & Tattoos... Late nights at music clubs.., dancing.., long dinners & hanging out...
i love 1 on 1s but im looking forwad 2 fullfilling my fantasy my boy friend knows how to use his tool and oh boy what a licking he gives he licked every girl I've been with and they love it he just don't fuck them he said he is not intersted so hopefully u can help change his mind cause he said he is dying for a black girl.
hi sexy i would love to have you sit on my face while i lick your sugar walls for you then lick you all over your sweet brown sugar body. So if you think i can make you mourn with pleasure you can email me, oh by the way i'm black and live in Brooklyn also.
I love your picture. You have a beautiful ass. I would love just to lick you all over and than take my tongue and lick your asshole like there was no tomorrow. And after your asshole is wet and hot than I am going to stick my long thick cock in it and take you to a place you have never been. Look forward to hearing from you. You won't be sorry.
I have never been with a black woman before but would love to. I especially love nice black ass like yours!
If you would like to see me make this hard and jerk it off, I have a new web cam I'm dying to use.
hello!...sweetthang! 45..blkmn ..5.11..210pds.. moustach...brown eyes! a half inch pipe!..2 an half inches thick..u call me?...
"I got the size that fits and a tonge that can cut through any shrub, forest, or bush and it works so well it has a built-in G-Spot detector to ensure it always HIT the target!"
if you can stand a good licking and a long packing, a really long licking and a very long packing.
Have you ever wanted something, but already had it? And you were quite please with what you got but you wanted more. You wanted it in a different color or older maybe younger or maybe you just wanted another flavor altogether. Well that`s me right now. I have a wife, quite please with what I got but you know what? I must just be greedy because I want more. I want another woman who has a healthy need for a some sweaty, long, hard, mindblowing sex. I`m into everything and I can do anything. I just need the right one to play with. Can you make my toes curl backwards? I`ll make your head spin. No Strings of course. And I`ll make sure you don`t get any drama from the misses. As far as the type of woman I`m looking for, (A FREAK!) Period. Race is not important at all, Age, Well I would like you to be legal and mature in the head. But if you want to get occhie beat up 7 ways to Sunday turn over dry and laid out wet..Then hit the reply button. ........Let`s Play.
m/25/staten island 5'5", 130, 5.5 inch cock. Can I fuck your pussy and suck on your tits as you moan my name?
You are scrumptious and I would love to hear and see more about you and your desires. I'm a 6'4" hunk of hot milk chocolate ... think cross between Tom Sellack and Denzel Washington. Got a sweet tooth for a big thic throbbing cream-filled candybar? I'm just the boy-toy to satisfy your hunger and fill you and that hot booty up to gushing results.
Yea I got some good white meat to lay on your rump roast. E-mail me for a hot tasty treat!
I got the dough and the Italian Sausage for you. I'm 32 italian .5'10" 210lbs. workout 5x a week.....located in queens looking for a hot sista....if you're good...I'll be very generous...and it can become a regular thing.....peace....